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  • About the Oakwood Foundation

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    The Oakwood Foundation works with people who are dedicated to helping older adults and transforming the way we age. Centered on a faith-based tradition of compassionate care—inclusive of all faiths—and focused on excellence, we engage those who want to make a difference on our Oakwood campuses and in the Madison area.

    Since 1981, the Oakwood Foundation has provided essential support to ensure excellence in every aspect of housing and services for older adults. We have also supported Oakwood residents who could no longer cover the full cost of their care.

    Through the support and engagement of people like you, the Oakwood Foundation enriches the lives of older adults. We are a leader in our area and are known for our quality care and investments that:

    • Support all dimensions of wellness
    • Enhance technology, gardens, transportation, equipment, and buildings
    • Lend a helping hand to residents who exhaust their resources
    • Fund innovative research potential to transform how we age
    • Develop and retain an outstanding workforce