Additional Support Options

Appreciated Stock

When you make a gift of appreciated stock, you receive a charitable deduction equal to the full fair market value of the securities and pay no capital gains tax on your gift. To support the Oakwood Foundation using appreciated stock, instruct your firm in writing to deliver the desired securities to RBC Wealth Management, DTC# 0235, with further credit to Oakwood Foundation, account #30664709. Unless you wish to remain anonymous, please request that your firm include the donor’s information (your name) with the transfer.


One of the easiest ways to leave a legacy is by including the Oakwood Foundation in your will or living trust. Please ask your estate planner to include the following language: “I/we hereby give, devise, bequeath to the Oakwood Foundation, Inc., a nonprofit, non-stock Wisconsin corporation with its principal office in Madison, Wisconsin” followed by either a) a specific gift amount or b) percentage of the balance remaining in your estate or trust to benefit the Oakwood Foundation.

Charitable Gift Annuity (CGA):

When you set up a CGA, you make a gift of cash or stock to the Oakwood Foundation and in return you receive dependable, fixed income for life. A qualified charitable gift annuity is not insurance under the laws of this state and is not subject to regulation by the commissioner of insurance of Wisconsin or protected by an insurance guaranty fund or an insurance guaranty association.

Gift of Insurance

If you own a life insurance policy that you no longer need, you can support our mission by naming the “Oakwood Foundation, Inc.” as the beneficiary on your policy. A paid-up policy produces a charitable deduction in the amount of the policy’s cash surrender value or basis, whichever is less.

IRA and Retirement Plan

You may also make a gift through your IRA, 401(k) or other qualified retirement plan. Simply designate the Oakwood Foundation to receive all or a portion of the balance of your plan through your plan’s administrator. This allows you to avoid exposure to income and estate tax that you might face if you designate this to your heirs, and you can continue to take regular lifetime withdrawals.

Gift a Portion of Your Life Lease Refund

Oakwood residents living in Life Lease apartment homes receive a 90% refund of their entrance fee when their apartment home is re-leased and they leave the Oakwood Community. Residents have the opportunity to designate their life lease refund to beneficiaries or a trust upon death. Leaving a portion of your 90% refund to the Oakwood Foundation can be done without impacting already-established estate plans.


The Oakwood Foundation manages a number of funds focused on specific aspects of the Oakwood ministry and mission. A few of our most popular funds are listed below. If you would like your gift to impact a particular area of the Oakwood community, we would welcome the opportunity to help you achieve your vision.

Contact us today to start giving to a specific fund:

Phone: (608) XXX-XXXX

Oakwood Mission Support Fund

Gifts to the Oakwood Mission Support Fund go towards meeting Oakwood’s greatest needs.

Continuing Care Endowment Fund

Gifts to the Continuing Care Endowment Fund are used to support the operations of Oakwood Lutheran Senior Ministries in their efforts to continue to serve older adults who have outlived their resources through no fault of their own and are unable to pay the full cost of their care.

Prairie Ridge General Fund

Gifts to the Prairie Ridge General Fund support people, improve programs, and enhance community spaces on the Oakwood Village Prairie Ridge campus.

University Woods General Fund

Gifts to the University Woods General Fund support people, improve programs, and enhance community spaces on the Oakwood Village University Woods campus.