Celebrating Art at University Woods

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New to University Woods in 2020 is an Artist in Residence program featuring appearances by the artists themselves in the Heritage Oaks Sunroom.

“This program was created to celebrate the many artists living on the campus,” explains University Woods Art Therapist, Jennifer Bethel. “There’s an artist in each of us, and when we take a closer look at residents, we begin to learn how art plays out in our lives. Art touches us all.”

The Artist in Residence program is a way to showcase artists and to inspire others to get involved. While the program was created to feature Oakwood resident artists, Oakwood Gallery artists and art therapy interns are also invited to “live the experience” of being an artist in residence while at Oakwood— whether during a two month display in the gallery, located in the halls of Tabor Oaks and Covenant Oaks, or a four to six month internship.

The residency encourages the visiting artist to think about art in community, and to share with Oakwood through class offerings, artist talks, group discussions, and art-making with residents. The artists and their gallery show then become an interactive conversation with the artists over the months they are at Oakwood —we learn from them their skills, craft, and life lessons.

“I want to help residents discover the artist within.”

“I want the art therapy program to be inclusive to all residents, to the community artists showing in our gallery, and to those giving their time through internships,” says Jennifer. “I want to help residents discover the artist within.”

The first artist featured in January was Kati Fernandez Lambert. Kati was asked to share her work in large part because of her connection to Oakwood through her work with the Oaks and Acorns program.

Kati’s series The Grandmothers went on display for two months at the beginning of the year. In January, Kati was in the Heritage Oaks Sunroom working on paintings and offering Oakwood residents the opportunity to meet and speak with her.

Be sure to check out future featured artists in the Oakwood Gallery to see work by Oakwood’s many talented artists!

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