Our Values


Oakwood’s staff care deeply about the people they serve and work with on a daily basis. Residents develop strong friendships quickly and pull together through partnerships, volunteerism, and charity to help one another.


At Oakwood, leadership and staff view their work as a calling. They care deeply about the people they serve on a daily basis, and are dedicated to providing superior service. In much the same way, residents quickly become dedicated to one another.


As a Lutheran organization, honoring the human spirit and the divine that lives within is a core value. Our commitment to strong spiritual life programming and our efforts to remain true to the vision and intentions of our founding Lutheran congregations set Oakwood apart from other Madison retirement communities.

Minister in robes


Everyone is welcome here. We bring residents together from different levels of care, buildings, and campuses to experience each other in community. We welcome opinions and strive to consider different perspectives to create fair, welcoming, and accessible experiences for all. We are proud to be a resource for the broader community.

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At Oakwood our teams are transparent and fair, and act with honor and respect for residents, their families and our staff. We do what is best for our residents and patients, even if it means exploring a solution outside of Oakwood.

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Passionate People on Every Branch

Oakwood has been rooted in Madison for more than 75 years. In order to build this legacy, our branches are filled with many faces – from health care staff to volunteers – who make Oakwood the vibrant and welcoming community that it is. Our community keeps us grounded so we can grow for the future.