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Services and Amenities

You’ll have plenty of time to explore what’s happening on campus at Oakwood Village University Woods. Not sure where and how to start? A host of services and amenities available on campus may meet many of your needs. If we don’t have it here, we’ll help you get to the right place.

  • A community dining room that also offers private dining areas residents can reserve for special occasions
  • The Center for Arts and Education– a first-class performing arts center and lecture hall
  • A nine-acre nature preserve with walking trails
  • Three rooftop gardens in the Heritage Oaks building
  • Hobby and craft studios
  • Oakwood Art Gallery
  • The Garden Terrace Bistro - featuring wood fired pizzas, paninis, salad bar, and more
  • A well-stocked library
  • A barber/beauty salon
  • A well-equipped exercise room with group instruction led by qualified instructors
  • The beautiful Resurrection Chapel
  • Lounges, gardens and patios for relaxation and conversation
  • Bus transportation to local shopping centers
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Life Enrichment at University Woods

Life's explorations continued could include retracing the steps of Lincoln, taking a weaving class, birdwatching, keeping up with current events or attending a performance by the Oakwood Chamber Players. The wide range of programming is driven by our residents' interests. Many lectures and performances feature residents who are artists and retired faculty.

TODAY: March 22nd, 2019

9:00am Guts and Glutes Nakoma Room

9:00am Coffee Hour Nakoma Room

9:40am Bus Pick Up to Shops around Oakwood

10:00am Yoga Flow Oaks Meeting/Exercise Room

10:00am Catholic Mass/Rosary Resurrection Chapel

10:30am Beginning Conversations in Spanish Party Room

10:45am Tone Chimes Rehearsals Tabor Great Room

11:00am Chair Exercise Oaks Meeting/Exercise Room

11:00am Conversations that Matter Oaks Community Room

1:00pm 500 Party Room

1:00pm Mindfulness Meditation Oaks Meeting/Exercise Room

1:30pm Music with Melissa Tabor Great Room

2:15pm Senior Moves Oaks Meeting/Exercise Room

3:30pm Strength Training Tabor Great Room

TOMORROW: March 23rd, 2019

10:00am Tai Chi Oaks Meeting/Exercise Room

1:00pm Cards and Board Games Oaks Meeting/Exercise Room

1:00pm Quiddler Oakleaf Shop and Cafe

1:30pm Mah Jongg Heritage Social Room

Gena Larson

Summer 2017

"My love of photography started with documenting my personal travels and outdoor adventures so it's no surprise that even my portrait work is strongly influenced by landscape. I lean toward a clean, classic style. Simple, genuine expressions captured in meaningful surroundings."

"Immediate access to the world"

"Easy living"

"You still have freedom"

"Enjoy teaching"

"The best decision"

"Something for everyone"

"Many opportunities"

"A culture of kindness"

"Beautiful surroundings"

“The grounds crew does a wonderful job attending to the environment inside and out. The immediate access to the natural world is right outside my door to enjoy at any time.”

Jane A.

“If something goes wrong with our health, we have help and assistance. No more lawn mowing when it's warm and no more snow shoveling during those Wisconsin winters. I like to think of it as 'easy living.'”

Ed N.

“You will meet so many wonderful people that live and work here. Be assured that you still have the freedom to do many things on your own and maintain your independence.”

Ruth E.

“I still find it fascinating to be around young people. I enjoy teaching. My greatest pleasure is seeing the light bulb turn on above student's heads.”

Bob B.

“We, [as residents], would share so many things in common, such as vitality, enthusiasm, [and] life-long learning goals. It seems [to be] the best decision we’ve made during our 62 years of marriage.”

Diane A.

“I love the arts programs; they are so extensive. There really is something offered for everyone's musical taste and artistic abilities.”

Jane A.

“Oakwood allows me to be me in a very full and comfortable way. There isn’t a day that I haven’t been able to help someone [else] or [help myself] by being active. [Truly,] where else could one see and hear live music performed before you at the very highest professional level, or learn from the brilliant people who live just a few doors away, [or walk through the forest to tend the wild flower gardens [just down the hall], or be nudged ever so gently to pick an exercise regime designed just for [you]. Even the very gifted residents have many opportunities to show their talents in leading discussions for Great Decisions, singing in the choir, performing an instrument, or reading personal poems.”

Marge B.

“I found here the most amazing community filled with talented people open to new friendships. A culture of kindness prevails among the residents.”

Thea B.

“[The Nature Preserve provides Oakwood with] beautiful surroundings. The fitness offerings [Oakwood has] are important to me, and I love that the teachers learn to know us and make the classes fun as well as helpful. [At Oakwood] our minds are [always] stimulated by the programs offered through Life Enrichment and many residents share their learning and experiences to really make life interesting for us.”

Helen S.